Matlamat utama saya menulis adalah untuk berkongsi pengetahuan dalam bentuk pengurusan dan motivasi untuk pembangunan diri dan kerjaya.
Ingin juga mencurahkan pengetahuan yang ada secara ringkas, mudah dan pantas memandangkan sesetengah individu kurang berminat membaca bahan bacaan(buku) yang tebal dan merimaskan.
Sekadar menyumbangkan sesuatu untuk di manfaatkan sebelum nanti saya di jemput ke SANA.



Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Visualization strategy in customer satisfaction.

I like exercises and make effort to be a member in GYM Centre.
I decided to go for JR GYM in Shah Alam to do my work out in 2010.

I had stopped for 3 years  because I had limited time to go there however I do still continue
lighter exercise at home.

But recently after 3 years I went back to JR Gym to have specific workout.
The owner was still  very good and friendly to all .

He saw me and we talk for few minutes. He welcome me very well.
I proceeded to my work out. It was interesting to be back at JR Gym .
I saw many new equipment had been installed.

Suddenly the owner came to snap my photo while I am doing sit up.
I was shocked but gave a good post and smile.

Later I saw my picture in their FB saying about how happy they were
when a former customer came back.

The photo was a main highlight in their FB.
Not only me but I think other customer would feel happy too, having
such welcoming manner.
It was so nice of them.

They had  used photography strategy and visualized it widely
to be seen by their customer.

Of course I want to go back there more than I thought.
With such kind of customer satisfaction sense I am captured to
be a permanent customer already.

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