Matlamat utama saya menulis adalah untuk berkongsi pengetahuan dalam bentuk pengurusan dan motivasi untuk pembangunan diri dan kerjaya.
Ingin juga mencurahkan pengetahuan yang ada secara ringkas, mudah dan pantas memandangkan sesetengah individu kurang berminat membaca bahan bacaan(buku) yang tebal dan merimaskan.
Sekadar menyumbangkan sesuatu untuk di manfaatkan sebelum nanti saya di jemput ke SANA.



Monday, February 6, 2012

The Real Leaders

Leadership is not a position, Leadership is a character.
Need to know where do you stand in the above criteria? Simple and just read the following checklist and conclude your answer to your self.

1. Where do you stand in the moment of crisis?Find fault or take actions.
2. In the moment of crisis, where are you? Move backwards or move foward.
3. In the moment of glory,what will you say? My achievements or My staffs achievement.
4. When things are stable, what's your feeling? Complacent or Worry.
5. When assignment given, what's your style? Active or Pro Active.
6. When problems occured, how do you perceive it? Another hastle or Another Opportunity.
7. When you are given a Managerial Title,how do you appreciatte it? Get a bigger chair or Get more responsibility.

It's simple right?
"We may have the biggest title in giving command but the lowest quality in leadership practices."
"We may have the smallest rank in position but the best problem solver in organization".

Make your the right choice quick.
Standing still in your key post, will make you meet the death end!
The truth will appear! The results don't lie! The challenge will tare you!

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