Matlamat utama saya menulis adalah untuk berkongsi pengetahuan dalam bentuk pengurusan dan motivasi untuk pembangunan diri dan kerjaya.
Ingin juga mencurahkan pengetahuan yang ada secara ringkas, mudah dan pantas memandangkan sesetengah individu kurang berminat membaca bahan bacaan(buku) yang tebal dan merimaskan.
Sekadar menyumbangkan sesuatu untuk di manfaatkan sebelum nanti saya di jemput ke SANA.



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2 E+ 1 = 3 E

Met with another trainer friend yesterday and he asked me ' What do you do if there's no training program? "I gave him a smile and replied " Reading , and developing six pack"
He laughed and asked again " Are you serious Rafi? "
"Yes I am serious and that is what I am doing". Gave him another smile.
" You really got time to make exercise Rafi ? " He looks wondering.
" Well not really but I make time to make my self fit and it has to be continued because we are all business leaders and keeping healthy and being fit is important. " My answer.

I go on and say " Business leaders has to make their organization competent in two Es ; namely Efficient and effective furthermore current business practices are 24 - 7 , therefore we will have to get another E which is Energy "
"So 2 E+ 1 = 3E , Energy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. " I concluded.
He called me up today and told me the good news " Rafi thanks Bro, I registered my self already in fitness first , 2 + 1 = 3E a great short Bro. "

Good luck my friend. Hope the till end you will go through.

Actually I wanted to put his picture in the blog today but he told me to do that 3 months later. After he has got the six pack. Sure man, 3 months later with before and after 6 pack.
In a way, he is better than me because he went to a better organized exercise center whereas I am doing it my self only at home.
Good luck ya and to others as well , I had a strong believe that 2 + 1 = 3 E is also important to you.

Business leaders and who ever wants a betterment in life , Energy is the key word to handle various challenges and circumstances.

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