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Ingin juga mencurahkan pengetahuan yang ada secara ringkas, mudah dan pantas memandangkan sesetengah individu kurang berminat membaca bahan bacaan(buku) yang tebal dan merimaskan.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mountain Top

Salam hormat pada semua pembaca yang dihormati. Terima kasih untuk semua komen yang diberikan. Ada yang tertarik dengan entri Model. UTEM Melaka.

Ya benar, mereka berjaya sampai ke tahap tu. Boleh , tiada masalah, schedule Masterji tahun 2011 belum padat lagi. 5S adalah kunci bagi semua latihan lain. Organization change adalah 5S, Leadership measurement juga 5S, training effectiveness juga 5S, KPI Effectiveness juga menerusi 5S, quality juga adalah 5S, teamwork jangan cerita dah tentu 5S. Motivasi juga paling banyak dalam 5S.

Pendek kata 5S ada semua! Complete package. Jangan membazir wang anda untuk latihan yang tak nampak hasil! Training mesti ada impact dan R.O.I.

Hari ini, Masterji nak cerita pasal Mountain Top. Apa tu? Few days ago, I had been invited to a dinner conference. A friend of mine , called me for a 45 minutes talk on Leadership Effectiveness. Dinner berkenaan di adakan di sebuah Hotel di KL. Lebih kurang 150 pekerja yang hadir , dari penyelia sampai ke Managing Director. Semua key person sahaja. 50% Key Female staffs and 50% Key male staffs.

The purpose of the talk is to inspire their leaders to move foward as their sales increases suddenly and strongly.

Masterji present satu slide sahaja. Slide di atas. Orang panjat gunung. Way to the top! Mountain Top!
Masterji cakap 3 perkara:

1. The Right Mindset of Leadership :
Leadership is not a popularity contest, Being a leader isn't about being liked , It's about doing what is right!
So many leaders are afraid of conflict, public opinions, though decisions, shaking the boats, making new waves even is very important for business survival.

They have deep-seated need to be popular and cherished.
Let the underperformers, know they are not performing, tell your superstar how much you love them. Don't kill 80% performers because of worrying to much in how the 20% non performers feelings. Leadership is a balance between being tender yet though, compassionate yet courages,friendly yet firm! Critics are everywhere even you great or failures.All successful people and leaders was initially laughed at but now they are revered! And many leaders who seek to make popular are burried deeply! They win the hearts of millions but country becomes poverty!

Therefore Leadership is about doing the right thing and not doing the poupular thing. Like what you see in the displayed slides, towards to mountain top, we need a leader who can later visualize the know how and to be further share with others. A Leader that seek for popularity will keep the know how only to them and by sharing it , will make them lost the popularity to the next person.

2. Say bye bye to Administrator and Welcome Leaders!
There is 2 types of managers. Administrator and Innovators. Administrator is just following and maintaning what has been produced and set by the previous managers even circumstances demanded for a change! Leaders, make changes always to break a new records! Always creative ! Always has something new! Rich with extraordinary assignments!

Looking into the slides , it is very clear that to reach the mountaintop you'll have a lot of barriers! If you are an administrator don't ever dream to reach the top even half of it, but leaders will! Administrator will take barriers as impossible assignments but leaders will take impossible as possible! They remove barriers, they make staircase for the next person to climb, they think of how to do it not how it won't , they seek for solutions and not problems and they walk extra miles!

3. Grow leaders Fast and Build them stronger.
Develop a culture of leadership. Today's conference is very super right decisions! Give a big clap to your CEO! As I mentioned earlier , Leadership is about doing the right things and he had done it today. Making the next leader becomes a real leaders and fits in well in what am going to say in this point no 3. Congratulations! A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, problem solver, proactive, like a CEO!. This means they focus more on solutions rather problems, they make business goes on well to meet customers demand even resources are limited, even surrounded with difficulties, even working hours has ended, even sales are low but they make good marginal profits. Ladies and gentlements, I had once attended interview for promotions to Assistant Manager post in my former workplace. The panels of interviewers were all top management peoples. One million question asked to a few of us. One by one should answer in rotation. Various answers given. The questions were , what is important for our company future?

They suggested contributions from their respective workplace are important for futures survivals. Most of the answers is on basis of product, system and technology. The last person were me. I am nervous. I had prepared something a night before but after hearing from others I were a bit scared that my answers will be wrong. Anyway I need to speak or otherwise good bye to the post!. My reply were very short and simple. I told them that we need to build leaders and to make them strong in leadership practices. Quated an example" We may purchase the best aeroplane but it will be nothing if we have useless pilot", ... and "Business are not consistent, therefore we need leaders who can lead while climbing and we need leaders who can turn around while hitting the bottoms". That was my reply. Thenafter my answers were used as the most prominent and excellence example pertaining to that question. "Yes, that is what we need to do, like what Mr Rafi says" CEO commented. I was shocked and of course happy. It was setting standards answer.

So ladies and gentlements,:
Therefore build the right pilots and make it fast! Building leadership thinking and qualities will not be necessary to promote everyone to become Managers. They may have small functions but with leadership in mind and practices!

I finished the talk and went down back to my chair. A very big plause I had received. The CEO of the company had immediately go to the stage and told the rest, The best and straight to the brain leadership speech. Thank you Mr Rafi.

Syukur . Saya berjaya pada malam itu.

Mereka gembira. Rakan saya ucapkan terimakasih . Saya rasa berbaloi. Saya berjaya menyalurkan benda baik pada orang.

Dan dalam dinner berkenaan ada acara stage show dari internal performers mereka. Saya kena tarik menari bersama salah seorang dari performers mereka. Memang malu. Muka merah padam tetapi apa nak buat. Sekejap sahaja dan saya ketawa terbahak bahak. Apa nak buat, salah satu ujian VIP kalau attend mana mana dinner.Cuma kita jangan berlebih dan lupa diri sudah.

Kalau Jack Separuh tengok, mesti dia berasap! Ha ha , Jack my friend. Jack, macam mana ni, tak ada misai macam Magnum PI pun kena tarik naik stage. ha ha ha. Jack selalu usik saya kata tak ada misai tak boleh jadi Trainer.
Sekarang ni, New school kot Jack. Nanti kita minum lagi ya Jack. ha ha ha.

Lagu nya pun sedap. Bosanova dari Wan.

1 comment:

azaman said...

Salam Masterji,

I would like to add a bit more on your point number 1. On the "Star Performer" and "Under Performer", each manager must make sure they do understand the definition. If you yourself as a manager do not any initiative to develop your people definitely you will create a lot of unnecessary "under performer". Because as a manager, human development is one of your responsibilities among others.

You cannot expect that anyone that you hired will be 100% fit to your requirement, not like buying a tool. After you have done your part, than if there are still "under performer", you do like what Masterji said.