Matlamat utama saya menulis adalah untuk berkongsi pengetahuan dalam bentuk pengurusan dan motivasi untuk pembangunan diri dan kerjaya.
Ingin juga mencurahkan pengetahuan yang ada secara ringkas, mudah dan pantas memandangkan sesetengah individu kurang berminat membaca bahan bacaan(buku) yang tebal dan merimaskan.
Sekadar menyumbangkan sesuatu untuk di manfaatkan sebelum nanti saya di jemput ke SANA.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From The Coach ; Jim Sinegal

Thank you for good comments from Pn Noor Jahan and Master Q Saniyah Kadir. Betul tu pasal "P" ada dua dan jangan silap pilih . I like the way you put it Cik Fame. Master Q Saniyah Ji, ha ha ha thanks for burning up the Ron 97 Group members ya...jawap betul pun minum dan jawap salah pun minum gak petrol ya...Let them be happy. Thank you for your cute comment.

From The Coach kali ini masih lagi mendapat sentuhan dari Encik Azaman.
Rajin sekali Encik Azaman membaca dan menulis untuk di kongsi bersama pembaca semua.

Salam Fi,

I would like to share something that I read with you and your readers. This is an interesting article. There are very few person, whether from operator up to CEO, who can actually work as "ikhlas" as this. Normally we will work for more money, less job reponsibilty and less working time. Unless you own your own business, than you might be like Jim below. Until next time... enjoy.

Costco's CEO is the Normal Guy
Over the past five years Jim Sinegal has shepherded his company Costco to impressive returns. Costco's stock has doubled, and revenues continue to grow at an impressive rate.
Yet Sinegal might be better known as a man of the people at Costco. His name tag plainly says "Jim," he answers his own phone, and his plain office at the company headquarters doesn't even have walls. While other CEO's are spending tens of thousands of dollars just decorating their offices, Sinegal's pays himself a yearly salary of $350,000. Most CEOs of large company are paid in the millions. His simple contract is only a page long, and even includes a section that outlines how he can be terminated for not doing his work.
So how did he come up with that number? He figured he shouldn't be paid more than 12 people working on the floor.
His employee turnover rate is the lowest in the retail industry, over five times less than rival Wal-Mart. In an age where CEOs are paid in the millions and would never be seen in the "trenches," Jim Sinegal is an anomaly. And his workers love him for it.


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one said...

Salam masterji and good day to Sifu Mr. Azaman.

Nice example Sifu. Tp x byk yg dapat ikut. There was a famous quote from William Shakespere " Know more than others,Work more than others and expect less than others - three keys to success.

I think this is what Jim follows. As we seen, before any achievement is made some people demands for many things. The proper is to make wonders so that offers comes after you. That's show the value of a person.