Matlamat utama saya menulis adalah untuk berkongsi pengetahuan dalam bentuk pengurusan dan motivasi untuk pembangunan diri dan kerjaya.
Ingin juga mencurahkan pengetahuan yang ada secara ringkas, mudah dan pantas memandangkan sesetengah individu kurang berminat membaca bahan bacaan(buku) yang tebal dan merimaskan.
Sekadar menyumbangkan sesuatu untuk di manfaatkan sebelum nanti saya di jemput ke SANA.



Saturday, August 13, 2011


Saturday again. It's busy everywhere. Raya is coming very soon. Many of us busy preparing. Kids are the most happiest people now. Everywhere you might see, parents are caring enough to ensure they have new clothes in Raya time.

Me , ha ha ha Masterji is one of them. Thought this year to have the same colour dress for our family. Something new and just to create "Togetherness" sense. As time goes on, many of our kids are being to lonely. The way kids are brought up today is different. They have spend private time more than with family. Those days , kids doesn't have the privallege of having a personal room therefore they can be seen in the main hall of our house but today, most of them are given rooms and most of them spend too much time in their room with full compelete needs such as PC, TV, and others. No time for family communications. Well perhaps we should still find ways not to let them being alone for long time. Loneliness may make the kids reverse from being foward!

Anyway , I am arranging some papers and photographs for my book writting. I had some collections of my own evidence of success story and how I practice MTM. What's MTM? Make Them Memorable. How I 've made many people became success and later legend in their field through out my training, coaching activities and in my past working experience. I had stopped for while and really thanking Allah S.W.T of making me as what I am now.

I had never thought that , I will reach the point where I am now. Thanks Mr Azaman, and I could see some images in shadow of my mind when that moment came just now. Images of people who showed me the way to success and not to hell.

I was holding, some of my previous subordinates photo with trophy and rewards in hand as I supervised and coached them so that they can become MTM Results. I was also holding some of my students and participants amoung supervisors , managers who I turned them into MTM! Including the great Puan Noor Jahan Aka Cik Fame, Mr Bakri and Puan Azarina from Adabi.

Making us success is important but making others success is even greater. I hereby urge every key people who read this, please do MTM. It's wonderfull and just simply great. You had light up a life for someone else! You had make someone else to take out their level best from within to be successful. You had given them a new rice bowl and better name to survive in their respective carreer. I had just brought them to walk a bit more extra in knowing they can perform better and it's true they can do it.

Managers who practice MTM will be ussualy remembered more rather that the others. Get the best out of them and make them memorable too!

Thanks for all sms I received for Sivik. Agreed with your comments. It's all about developing the right attitudes before anything else in making success for a country! Thanks.

MTM ya..pahala nya insyaallah banyak.


Noor Jahan said...

Salam Masterji....

Alhamdulillah sungguh besar pahala Masterji dalam MTM. Ramai di luar sana yg telah berjaya.

Bagi saya, kejayaan saya adalah kejayaan guru saya juga...iaitu Masterji. Tiada kata2 yg dapat diucapkan selain daripada terima kasih dan semoga Allah membalas jasa Masterji. Saya doakan Masterji sehat dan dapat mencurahkan ilmu kepada lebih ramai lagi...InsyaAllah....

Tidak sabar saya menunggu buku keluaran Masterji yg sulung....

one said...

Satu lg topic bgus. MTM. You are right master.
3perkara yg kita bawak selepas kita mati adalah doa anak yg soleh, amal jariah yg kita buat and ilmu yg kita ajar kpd orang lain. So drp MTM kita da dpt 2 perkara.
So easy kan. Apa tunggu lg.Let us start now.


Suhana Felda Sungai Petani said...

Salam Encik Rafi/Masterji,
Photo in Sivik, fantastic and heart breaking. Missed your training session and motivational words.

azaman said...


Semalam saya sms, hari ni saya tulis dlm blog Masterjilah. MTM tu macam MLM lah Masterji. Kalau down liner kita buat sales, kita pun dapat share profit dia. Tapi kita kena ikhlas dulu, baru dapat imbuhan, insya Allah.

Satu lagi Masterji, janganlah buat baju raya sama color atau pattern satu family. Kalau saya tak mungkin berlaku. Tapi itulah kejadian/keunikan yang Allah beri pada setiap insan. Satu suka A, satu suka B. Kalau tak, mau berebut .....